The entire Interactive ICT system will be integrated into a  KIOSK













How does the Interactive ICT system work:


Interactive KIOSKs with interactive LED monitor will have icons/images  of essential requirements like home, food, shelter, clothing, doctor etc.  Kiosks will be placed in the city at the places where street children are generally found.  KIOSKS will spread through out  the city busy junctions and traffic junctions.


Kiosk will have only children friendly touch screen without keyboard or a mouse.


  • Children who is in need of any help will reach GPS enabled  KIOSK and simply touch the icons displayed on the touch screen and speak out the name. System which has messaging system built into the system messages the registered/crowd sourced members with the following details: location details,
  • photo of the child,
  • name  and
  • image of the icons touched by the child.
  • Once this message reaches member’s mobile phones as a SMS or an E-mail.   Members  will render the required help to the child. Reaching to the needy child is again backed by the established human managed organization.      









Touch screen monitor:


Touch screen with Images



Crowd sourcing– Crowd funding and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)funds ,hospitals, medical shops, schools, stationary suppliers, hotels and restaurants and philanthropy. All these are put into suitable data handling crowd sourcing applications and mobile APPS.


Interactive Touch screen:

 Kiosk consists of touch screen monitor with the Icons/Images  of all the essential requirements Food, water, toilets, warm clothing, hospital, doctor, vegetables, fruits, school, teacher, transport, parents, child..etc.


Mobile Messaging: Once the screen is touched by the child and records the name of the child and photo  clicked by the interactive system. All these are packed as  the message and messages are sent to the mobile phones of registered  members. This invokes the members to act and help the child in a possible way. Copy of the message is also  broadcast the same message to the social media sties and make this message viral.


GeoWeb: This technology gives the information thinks based on location. Accuracy of location is easy to find with Geoweb. Refer to week3 video lecture at Technicity   


RFID: Radio frequency Identification device  will be used to identify the  beneficiary and how the  help rendered through the interactive system. Every child who uses the system will be given the RFID tags where child’s photo and profile is also tagged for future tracking and help.


Internet of Things(IOT): Internet of things are the devices in which  most of the items are  networked and to the system and everything is connected. Here when child needs some items are given to the child, the IOT item can be tracked to know how the system is being used.  


 Augmented reality: Augmented reality is utilized to show the real-time living conditions of the life of neglected child on the streets  of the city. These videos will be transmitted through the realtime GPRS cameras to the interactive system for people to watch as to what kind of tortures the child at cities is going through


Wifi: wireless connectivity to the Interactive system KIOSK is provided to enable the transmission of the data to various medium.


Mobile APPS : mobile APPS is built around the  interactive KIOSK  to enable to reach the  many kiosk placed around the city stretch to enable smart phone users to reach the concerned near by Kiosk and render help . 


Data base handling systems: Data base handling system is the background data base system which keeps the data of willing members who have registered to help children, This is gathering of the data happens through social media sites and other mass social media systems. 






How does the Interactive ICT system help Street children?


As already explained in above paragraphs, Interactive system placed at many city traffic junctions and slum streets where these street children are found. Interactive system has the data base of the willing members who are ready render the help to the affected child.


Interactive system has touch screen monitor on which essential icons/images are displayed like food, water, clothes, hospital, shelter, rain shelter etc, street child has to touch the screen and speak out the name. The interactive system clicks the photo and its GPRS/GPS system records the location details. All these details of touched image/icons, photo and location details are packed and sent to the member’s mobile phones as message, to the social media sites and as E-mail message. Once the message reaches the members one or many of  the members offer the  help and information is broadcast to  all the forums about help  already rendered. Physical –Human monitored system is established to see that real help will reach the affected child.



                                         Data Analysis and data design:


Data  analysis was done in a real time visiting, watching and talking to the actual victims( street Children) of  the growth of the city.



  • 18 million children work on the streets of India, it is estimated that only 5-20 percent of them are truly homeless and disconnected from their families.


  • estimated 314,700 street children in cities like Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Kanpur, Bangalore and Hyderabad and around 100,000 street children in Delhi.


Problem size: school dropout data among poor children:


 Out of school children between 6 and 14 years – 25 million

India has ¼ of the world’s out of school children

50% of children drop out of school at 5th class with dismal literacy


For every 100 girls that enroll in rural India,
only 18 reach class 8th.
Only 9 reach class 10th
 One (1) reach class 12th


Design: Describe the key design elements of your project:


Designing  a system. to enable GPRS on a system


Selecting a data base system and query to select and broadcast the messages.


Mobil messaging platform needs to be developed.


Development of Android APP is in progress.


MIC system to listen to the voice


Package of voice and data needs to be sent over as broadcast message to the members is a challenge


The design involves designing a rich format image or Icons on a touch screen



How to inspire people to be members who can really help needy children?


I am planning to use social media like face book   twitter and others where willing members can directly login into the interactive system as volunteer to help the street children. .

















Final product under development:


As this is still in development stage please don’t consider the layout and alignment. On going will make look better.